Astrophotography Contest

RASC 150th Astrophotography and Observing Contest

Imaging and Imagining our Skies

Rules and Regulations:

By entering this contest or voting all entrants or voters are bound by these Rules and Regulations.

To be eligible to enter the contest you may not be an employee of the RASC nor can you be on the RASC 150th Organizing Committee or one of the Jury members. No purchase is necessary to enter the Contest or to win an award.

We are eager to have young people enter the contest even if you are new to observing, astrophotography or other media. You are on the honor system to self-select the experience category within which you choose to make your submission.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are under the age of 13 please have your parent or guardian make the submission for you. This is a requirement of Canadian law, and a signed copy of the PDF waiver form must be emailed to The parent or guardian must sign a waiver indicating that they acknowledge that you are a minor and that they are taking responsibility for the submission. Click here for the PDF waiver form

The RASC respects the privacy of everyone who enters the Contest. Personal information collected from the entrants will only be used by the RASC 150th Organizing Committee to administer the contest and in connection with the possible publication of winning photographs.

The owner of the photograph retains all copyright. The RASC will only use the photographs submitted for the contest itself and, except for the possible publication of the winning photographs in one of the RASC’s publications, will not use them for any other purpose without the express written consent of the entrant.

The contest opens January 1st, 2018 and closes at midnight EST December 31, 2018.
All astronomical observations and the resulting photographs, sketches or creative works must be carried out within the year 2018.

Photographs need to be submitted electronically through the website of the contest:

Creative works:

Photographs should be in JPEG format, no more than 15MB in size and should not have text (such as labels, copyright notices) imprinted on them. Winning entrants must be able to provide a high-resolution version of each photo they submit for possible reproduction and publication.

For the Astrophotography section of the contest content alteration of digital files is not acceptable; composite images (for example, those with foregrounds added digitally) are not eligible; cropping of photos is permitted, tonal or colour corrections are acceptable, including black and white conversion; photos consisting of stitched mosaics and panoramas are allowed.

For the Creative Works section of the contest you may enter any creative images including those that have digitally altered content and composite images.

The photographs may not be entered through fraudulent means and are subject to review for appropriate subject matter and minimum visual quality before appearing on the contest website. The decision by an RASC review panel to put your submission online is final.

The RASC is not responsible for entries that are lost, late or delayed for any reason, including website breakdowns, server problems or internet delays.

You are allowed to submit 10 entries per yearly quarter.

The Entries will be voted on by the public on the contest website in quarterly sessions: January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December. During each quarter the public may vote for photographs in each category and for more than one photo.

Winners of the Viewer’s Choice awards within each category and each quarter will be notified by email and will move forward to the final Viewer’s Choice voting and the panel judging at the end of the contest.

Within each category two overall winners will be chosen, one by a final Viewer’s Choice vote and the other by a panel of RASC judges after the contest closes 31 December 2018. There will be a total of 12 overall winners. Final winners will be notified in late January 2019. All decisions of the judging panel are final.

Winners of the Viewer’s Choice Awards within each category and within each quarterly session of voting will receive a certificate of achievement. The final winners in each category will receive a beautiful plaque with their winning photograph from the National RASC and the potential for having the photograph published in one or more of the RASC publications.

The chances of winning an award will depend on the number of eligible photographs received, the Viewer’s Choice public voting and the evaluation of the photographs by the judging panel.

Requests for more information goes to: