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Beloved Canadian astronomer Helen S. Hogg entitled her book, The Stars Belong to Everyone.

During our sesquicentennial year, the RASC invites Canadians to explore our skies and share the creativity they inspire in you.
Through your photography, sketches or other artistic expressions you’ll bring alive the truth and beauty of Helen Hogg’s vision.

We are holding two separate competitions, one for astrophotography and sketching at the eyepiece and one for
creative works (drawings, paintings, quilting, sculpture, etc.).

Everyone from around the world is welcome to enter and to vote for your favourite photographs in the contest.
We particularly welcome and encourage young people and novices of all ages to  participate in both of our contests.
(If you are under the age of 13, your parent/guardian must submit this form.)

In order for this contest to be truly an RASC Anniversary event all astronomical observations and the resulting photographs, sketches or creative works must be carried out within the year 2018.

Prizes? Entrants will be rewarded by international exposure of their creative works and by viewer votes.
Images with the most votes will appear in a society publication with the winners receiving an attractive RASC plaque.


Everyone is welcome to submit their astrophotography,
or sketches of astrophotography in this contest!



Creative Works

Any creative works can be submitted in this contest. Paintings, sculptures, quilts,
drawings, and anything else you can think of goes here!